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Welcome to Black and Blue Media — Publicity and Public Relations

 “The team behind Black and Blue Media is professional, connected, and well versed in the adult business.” Kristen Kay – XBIZ

“It really makes me think the PR representative truly cares about the companies when they care enough to consider the whole posting package the way you do.” Dominique – Adult Video News

“There are only a few porn publicists out there that do any of this worth a damn. I immediately think of Adella of Digital Playground, April Storm, Jay and Sherry from Black and Blue Media, and Brian Gross.” Scott McGowan – Eye On Adult

“Keep doing what you do because I have buyers calling me to buy product, instead of me calling them.” Tom Deniro – Ninn Worx

 What does Black and Blue Media do?

We work to keep your company and your products in the press. Our chosen field is the adult industry, however we work with mainstream clients as well. Any company that focuses on “Entertainment for Adults” is welcome at Black and Blue Media.

We provide many services for our clients; we write and send out press releases and send product out for review. We coordinate stories and interviews with magazines, broadcast outlets and internet sites. We arrange on-set coverage for your productions. In other words, we do whatever we can to make sure the press has photos and everything else they need, for the best coverage of your company and product.

We can handle your social media marketing, so you get the most engagement on those outlets. We can create special promotions to act as publicity generating tools for your business.

We also help to coordinate everything from events, to press kits, to getting your products into the nomination process for the various awards that are handed out every year. We make sure your company gets as much exposure as possible.

Check our News feed for some of our recent promotions.

Why would I want a publicist?

Marketing is usually considered the end game for a company’s ultimate goal–making a profit from what they are doing. However, as the consumer becomes more savvy to the advertising campaigns that have traditionally been used to sell products and grow company images, they are less inclined to be persuaded to purchase based on these types of campaigns. They know when they are being “sold” and they don’t like it. What the consumer now accepts as a recommendation to purchase, is the credibility that a news story gives to a company’s product or image. Publicity places a magnifying glass over your company, amplifying your credibility with the press and your customers.This credibility is vital for every company, and especially for new companies and products. Anyone can give a sales pitch and make promises. Establishing credibility shows your customers you can deliver on those marketing promises.

Black and Blue Media maintains very strong relationships with the most respected media outlets in the adult industry. We make regular, personal contact with the editors and reporters of magazines and web sites across the United States. Your company will be introduced to every important adult news and consumer outlet. We work with our contacts to get coverage for your company in many forms, including reviews, stories and interviews.

Black and Blue Media has successfully placed stories on their clients with AVN, The Atlantic Monthly, Boston Magazine, British GQ, Cheri, German Adult News, Glamour, Hot Videos (France), Hustler, Men’s World UK, New York Daily News, San Fernando Valley Business Journal, Velvet, XBIZ, Xcitement and many other adult and mainstream publications. Our clients have been interviewed by Howard Stern, FreeFM, KROQ, Opie and Anthony, Ask Ladybrain, Playboy Radio and WKY 930AM in Oklahoma, as well as SpikeTV and CBS Sunday Morning.

Why can’t I just do this myself?

You’re spending your time running your business. You do not have the time to send out press releases and work with the press. There is time involved even if all you do is put out a press release, let alone plan a full publicity campaign. You need to gather quotes, collect and format artwork, write the piece and send it out to your press contacts. Then you need to follow up with your contacts in a consistent manner to make sure they have everything they need.

Most business people rely on in-house employees to handle publicity activities, many times handing off the duty to their sales people. However, your sales staff doesn’t have the time to truly devote to handling publicity for your company either.

Additionally, hiring Black and Blue Media will actually save you money as well as increasing the return on the money you invest in publicity. Our retainer fees are usually much less than the cost of hiring additional staff to work directly with the press. Time is money, and we give your company more time to spend on doing business.

I just want your contact list. . . how much for that?

Our contact list is not for sale. However, we have created The Press Wire, a wire service that specifically sends to adult entertainment news sites and adult industry writers. The Press Wire is a pay-per press release service and we even accept credit cards. If you feel comfortable writing your own press release, go to