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This will be a game changer . . . .

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Dec 202016
Something new in entertainment for adults

There’s a new digital entertainment network set to launch in 2017 and it is poised to be a game changer in entertainment for adults. For obvious reasons, I won’t go into specifics . . . just keep an eye out for the name Electric Blue and be ready to experience a digital magazine with a new and different approach to “adulting” entertainment!

SO that was fun . . . WP redo

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Oct 222014
Adult Pr and publicity Black and Blue Media

Word Press decided to hiccup and we were down for most of this week while I fought off the gremlins. We’ll be back shortly with the real site. Until then, you can reach us by email or by phone–both listed below:

Contact Black and Blue MediaI want to thank my intrepid webmistress at for the time and effort she spent, not only fixing the meltdown, but also keeping ME sane while working through what went wrong and getting the site live again.

2013 Award Nominations are in!

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Dec 242012
Ninn Worx, The Four, awards, Black and Blue Media

It’s been a surprising and thrilling end to 2012. The AVN and XBiz adult entertainment awards nominations brought us some very unexpected news, and not only was Michael Ninn’s The Four nominated in every major category (that wasn’t a surprise), but there were nominations that we never expected included.

AVN Award Nominations for Ninn’s The Four

Best Director – Feature (Michael Ninn)
Best DVD Extras
Best Editing (Steven Katz & Philip Smith)
Best Drama
Best Makeup (Jem Monroe, Kat, May Belleen, Veronica
Rok & Lee Garland)
Best Music Sound Track (Loren Alexander) Ninn Worx
Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Individual Project
Best Packaging
Best Screenplay Ninn Worx (Sherry Ziegelmeyer and Michael Ninn)
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography (Barry Wood & Chris Hall)

The XBIZ Award Nominations for Ninn’s The Four

Director of the Year – Feature Release (Michael Ninn)
Feature Movie of the Year – The Four (Ninn Worx – Adam & Eve Pictures)
Best Actor – Feature Movie (Marco Banderas, The Four)
Best Scene – Feature Movie (Jennifer Dark & Marco Banderas, The Four)
Screenplay of the Year – The Four (Sherry Ziegelmeyer and Michael Ninn)
Best Cinematography (Barry Wood and Chris Hall, The Four )
Best Special Effects – The Four
Best Music – The Four
Best Editing – The Four (Ninn Worx – Adam & Eve Pictures)

And along with nominations for The Four, the award nomination for Glamcore Site of the Year goes to

Our heartfelt congratulations to Michael and his entire Ninn Worx team, and to Adam and Eve for bringing about the release of this movie. It’s been a long time coming, since those final days in 2008, when it looked like The Four would never be released.

The surprise in these nominations? Jay and I never imagined that the script we worked on with Michael would be nominated for any awards! And to also have a part in the marketing campaign that generated the Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Individual Project nomination from AVN was a double treat!

Thank you to the nominations committees of AVN and XBiz for recognizing the publicity campaign Black and Blue Media created and managed for this movie, and the individual work Jay and I did in support of The Four, including the ARG, Kronos480BC. We had a blast and a huge thank you to Mr. Ninn, for allowing us to be a part of his vision, and his team, for so many years.
Black and Blue Media Ninn Worx The Four award nominations 2013

Black and Blue Media’s 2013 Plans – XBIZ 360

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Oct 222012
Black and Blue Media Los Angeles porn publicity firm

It feels very strange to be talking about Black and Blue Media’s plans for 2013, yet time flies and 2012 will be over soon.

First up, Jay and I will be attending the XBIZ 360 convention, which will be held at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills, January 9 through January 12, 2013. Attending with us will be the wonderful, legendary cyberpunk, science fiction and erotic author M. Christian, and our very good friends (and Start My Porn Company partners) Linda Roberts and Frank Castle.

XBIZ 360′s coordinators are working on seminar panels and workshops for the event now, we’re all excited to find out what the topics are and who will be speaking. They have announced John Stagliano as the Key Note speaker, with more news upcoming.

Since 2012 isn’t over yet, there are a few things coming up that I might as well mention . . . .
First, if you are registered to vote in LA County, CA, don’t forget to vote No on Measure B – the “condom law” backed by a group of people that do not understand or communicate with the adult entertainment industry as equal partners and who should have never been allowed to try to enforce regulations on an industry that they are not a part of.

Imagine if food retailers were allowed to set industry regulations for the automobile industry, or Christian Scientists were able to enforce regulations on hospitals, doctors and medical clinics? It’s just bad law and by defeating the supporters of this measure, it sends a strong message that non-industry groups have no business in another industry’s business!

If you want to be truly appalled by the waste of the $4 MM this partisan group has spent trying to put condoms on every porn set, read what they could have spent that money on:
Using the anti-porn group’s own calculations, No on Measure B supporters estimated that the $4 million spent by these self proclaimed “AIDs Activists” could have better been used to;
Train 8,000 physicians in the provision of HIV/AIDS medical care;
Pay for HIV testing of over 3,300 people every month for an ENTIRE year;
Provide HIV treatment and care for 20,000 patients for an ENTIRE year;
Buy and operate two mobile clinics offering free HIV testing in under-served minority communities, as well as offering primary health check-ups for the uninsured.
The list goes on and on . . . read the whole indictment at

Okay, the political rant is over. You are safe to continue reading. LOL

I also wanted to mention that Jay has launched a brand new version of his blog, For personal news, his latest IlLUSTrations and other good stuff, add him to your bookmarks list.

Black and Blue Media Los Angeles porn publicity firm

Welcome Home Michael Ninn

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Sep 012012
The Four Michael Ninn's ode to the beauty and strength of women

I really can’t say how happy I am that Michael Ninn is back in the Black and Blue Media fold full time.

One thing that all Black and Blue Media’s long time clients know, is that we treat them like family. They not only get our best professionally, but also personally. Our “porn family” knows that we are with them through the lows, as well as the highs. And believe me, Jay and I shared the laughs, congratulations and celebrations, as well as the blood (actual), sweat (lots), tears (many) and agony (excruciating) with Michael and the whole Ninn Worx family over the last 6 (or so) years.

Like the Phoenix, Michael always rises. We never gave up hope, as someone with Michael’s passion and devotion to his art can never be destroyed. More so, his legacy in this industry can never be destroyed.

So, welcome home Michael. Thank you for the many years of being a big part of our Porn Family.


Linda Roberts and Frank Castle Spill Everything EVH on Talking Sex Radio

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Jun 022008
The New Neighbor Boxcover--censored

Adult Entertainers/Directors, Linda Roberts and Frank Castle, join the divine Reverend Mel and co-host Tony Bones for a special appearance on the internet TV channel, Talking Sex Radio, Monday evening, June 2, 2008.

When asked why she and her husband Castle haven’t been doing a lot of interviews since their publicity tour for The New Neighbors, Roberts replied, “Frank and I have been quietly working all along. I just shot with Evasive Angles, TT Boy’s company, which is producing a new MILF line, and I worked with Roy Karch on Milfology for Sensation Pictures. Frank and I do many projects outside of adult, which are keeping us busy. We are also getting ready to release P.D. Cycle Sluts as a VOD selection, which we produced under our own company, Marquis Productions. We haven’t been scheduling appearances and interviews, with everything else that’s going on. When Rev Mel asked us to appear, we decided it was time to sit down and talk.”

Castle added, “Since the SLLAB release came out in 2006, it’s been hard to interview without having it turn into ‘Let’s talk about Eddie Van Halen’, and we’d been asked to not talk about Ed’s involvement in adult. That’s changed in the past couple of months. We’re going to let Mel and Tony ask us the questions that we have not allowed in the past. It’s been a while since we’ve worked with Ed on The New Neighbors, and we’re proud of what the movie accomplished, and that it’s still selling very well in video on demand sites.”

Along with personal stories from the SLLAB days, Roberts and Castle will be discussing their swinger lifestyle, their work in animal rights and providing their take on the changes in the adult industry since the Internet began to rule the consumer market.

“When we started, it was all about the video, then the DVD, and now it’s become cell phones and streaming video with downloads that rules the market. If you can’t change, you get left behind,” said Castle. “We’re moving into the digital frontier and Linda and I are looking to get in now that it is still new, while a lot of companies you’d never even expect are lagging behind.”

Tune in to the 8:00PM interview with Roberts and Castle on Monday night, at, and don’t forget to visit the chat room. Call in to the show live with the toll free number, (888)834-0589.

‘The Four’ Lands Ninn Worx on CBS News Sunday Morning Show

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Jan 172008
The Four Michael Ninn's ode to the beauty and strength of women

Reporters for the CBS News Sunday Morning Show were so impressed with the trailer for Michael Ninn’s 2008 feature The Four, that CBS Sunday Morning Producer, David Rothman, requested Ninn’s publicity team, Black and Blue Media send the trailer to New York via Fed-Ex overnight delivery for national broadcast on Sunday, January 20, 2008.

“My Ninn Worx editors put together an incredible clip for the Adult Entertainment Expo. It shows the depth of the story, and the technical aspects in the computer animation, while highlighting the acting talents of our contract players, Brea Bennett, Renee Perez, Cassidey, Jana Jordan and Nikki Kane. The comment we heard the most often during the Expo, was that it was a really hot trailer, even though there wasn’t so much as a kiss in the entire thing. CBS News Sunday took note of that, as it made it a very friendly piece for their national audience,” said director Michael Ninn.

Ninn Worx Production Manager, Lorraine Sisco, isn’t surprised that the mainstream media is requesting footage on the title, which is slated for a June 2008 release. “‘This feature is perfect for a general release. Everything about The Four is worthy of theatrical presentation, and the creative team is incorporating that into our promotion and marketing of Michael’s feature.”

“We are not doing a parody or homage to anyone else that has covered the Battle of Thermopylae, with this movie. The Four is a new story entirely. We wrote an adventure based on a ‘what if’ fantasy. . . what would happen after these four Spartan women lost their men in that legendary battle and decided to avenge those guys. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my life, it is that you don’t piss off a woman. The Four is a visual testament to that idea, wrapped in a familiar epic saga,” Ninn notes.

The CBS News Sunday Morning Show broadcasts on all local CBS network carriers. For the time of the CBS News Sunday Morning broadcast in your city, visit, or check your local listings.

From Adult DVD Talk to Spike TV Ninn Worx’s “Four” Conquers AEE

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Jan 142008
Ninn Worx The Four trailer all over the news

Drumbeats slowly increase in tempo and the image of a robed Oracle floats into frame on the plasma screens adorning the Ninn Worx booth at the January Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. As the credits roll on the plasma screens, Ninn Worx contract stars Brea Bennett, Cassidey, Jana Jordan, Nikki Kane and Renee Perez, mount the stage in full costume, recreating their roles in director Michael Ninn’s adventure-fantasy The Four.

Microphones and cameras were in abundance as media outlets as diverse as CBS Television, Adult DVD Talk reporters, Fox Reality Productions, Rock Confidential stills photographers and videographers for Hot Video France soaked up the imagery displayed on the monitors.

Ninn Worx creative crew proudly surveyed their AEE domain, taking in the Spike TV video crew capturing Ninn Worx contract girls Perez and Cassidey, as they stood before the 72 inch TVs displaying the Four trailer. Spike TV plans to air segments with all five Ninn Worx contract stars on the show MANsers, January 24, 2008.

Ninn Worx production manager, Lorraine Sisco, took it all in saying, “These girls were simply amazing in their Four roles. The reporters and the fans are struck by the talent each of them have brought to Michael’s project, along with the masterful editing and effects that are all part of the visual presentation. We have very good girls. It’s always wonderful to see the reaction of other people to what you have envisioned, once you put it out there for the public.”

From January 17, 2008 through the awards season kicking off in 2009, The Four and the Ninn Worx contract stars will make regular appearances in all forms of media, from the pages of gentleman’s magazines, to your home TV screen.

Writer Joanne Cachapero applauded The Four trailer and the Ninn Worx AEE exhibit.

“Editors for every press outlet are going to be carrying a lot of stories on Ninn Worx and what Michael Ninn has achieved with this project. Ninn Worx is known for creativity in all aspects, as well as technical excellence, and it is obvious from what I have seen at this show that Four takes that standard to an entirely new level.”

‘The New Neighbors’ Takes NightMoves Editor’s Choice Feature Award

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Oct 122007
The New Neighbor Boxcover--censored

e New Neighbors just won’t go away. NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards judges awarded the title an Editor’s Choice: Best Feature Production award at the 15th annual awards show on October 8, 2007 in Tampa, Florida.

It’s been an interesting year for director Frank Castle, as his movie The New Neighbors has garnered critical acclaim and produced amazing sales numbers, even though the production company that he shot it under chose to disband less than two months after the title’s release.

“I just about keeled over when my publicist at Black and Blue Media called me about the official announcement. I am doubly honored that the judges at NightMoves voted for The New Neighbors as their Editor’s Choice Feature. I’m very happy that the NightMoves judges found it entertaining and worthy of an award, especially this one. This movie took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get into a finished product, and I mean that literally. If I ever get the chance to do a director’s cut of the movie, the stories that my crew and I could tell . . . I am going to have this award front and center on my wall as a testament to the fact that I made it, and it was good,” said Castle.

Castle and actress Linda Roberts, his wife as well as his New Neighbors leading lady, have been working on releasing their back catalog in video on demand format, and writing scripts through their own company, Marquis Productions.

“It seems that the majority of our industry has slowed down in production over the past year. I’ve spoken to a few studios about directing, since I have a couple of projects ready to go that are on the caliber of  The New Neighbors, and that I’d like to make. I’m waiting for a serious offer, as most of the studios are trying to depend on gonzo to make their profits, and just don’t see the benefit of doing good features anymore. I keep saying that it depends on the feature and who’s behind the camera, whether it will be worth it for them to do more features. My track record with this movie alone speaks for itself. Great sales on AEBN, Gamelink and Hot Movies, and the fantastic customer reviews on every one of those sites blow me away as well. There will always be room in the market for a well done feature,” said Castle.

The New Neighbors is distributed to retailers by the North Hollywood based distribution company American Hardcore, and is available to the adult audience in both DVD and VOD formats at Gamelink, Hot Movies, AEBN and through DVD Empire.