Oct 222012
Black and Blue Media Los Angeles porn publicity firm

It feels very strange to be talking about Black and Blue Media’s plans for 2013, yet time flies and 2012 will be over soon.

First up, Jay and I will be attending the XBIZ 360 convention, which will be held at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills, January 9 through January 12, 2013. Attending with us will be the wonderful, legendary cyberpunk, science fiction and erotic author M. Christian, and our very good friends (and Start My Porn Company partners) Linda Roberts and Frank Castle.

XBIZ 360′s coordinators are working on seminar panels and workshops for the event now, we’re all excited to find out what the topics are and who will be speaking. They have announced John Stagliano as the Key Note speaker, with more news upcoming.

Since 2012 isn’t over yet, there are a few things coming up that I might as well mention . . . .
First, if you are registered to vote in LA County, CA, don’t forget to vote No on Measure B – the “condom law” backed by a group of people that do not understand or communicate with the adult entertainment industry as equal partners and who should have never been allowed to try to enforce regulations on an industry that they are not a part of.

Imagine if food retailers were allowed to set industry regulations for the automobile industry, or Christian Scientists were able to enforce regulations on hospitals, doctors and medical clinics? It’s just bad law and by defeating the supporters of this measure, it sends a strong message that non-industry groups have no business in another industry’s business!

If you want to be truly appalled by the waste of the $4 MM this partisan group has spent trying to put condoms on every porn set, read what they could have spent that money on:
Using the anti-porn group’s own calculations, No on Measure B supporters estimated that the $4 million spent by these self proclaimed “AIDs Activists” could have better been used to;
Train 8,000 physicians in the provision of HIV/AIDS medical care;
Pay for HIV testing of over 3,300 people every month for an ENTIRE year;
Provide HIV treatment and care for 20,000 patients for an ENTIRE year;
Buy and operate two mobile clinics offering free HIV testing in under-served minority communities, as well as offering primary health check-ups for the uninsured.
The list goes on and on . . . read the whole indictment at http://business.avn.com/articles/legal/What-AHF-s-4M-Campaign-Could-Have-Bought-for-AIDS-Patients-491743.html

Okay, the political rant is over. You are safe to continue reading. LOL

I also wanted to mention that Jay has launched a brand new version of his JayMoyes.com blog, Fetish-Artist.com. For personal news, his latest IlLUSTrations and other good stuff, add him to your bookmarks list.

Black and Blue Media Los Angeles porn publicity firm

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