Sep 012012
The Four Michael Ninn's ode to the beauty and strength of women

I really can’t say how happy I am that Michael Ninn is back in the Black and Blue Media fold full time.

One thing that all Black and Blue Media’s long time clients know, is that we treat them like family. They not only get our best professionally, but also personally. Our “porn family” knows that we are with them through the lows, as well as the highs. And believe me, Jay and I shared the laughs, congratulations and celebrations, as well as the blood (actual), sweat (lots), tears (many) and agony (excruciating) with Michael and the whole Ninn Worx family over the last 6 (or so) years.

Like the Phoenix, Michael always rises. We never gave up hope, as someone with Michael’s passion and devotion to his art can never be destroyed. More so, his legacy in this industry can never be destroyed.

So, welcome home Michael. Thank you for the many years of being a big part of our Porn Family.


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