About Black and Blue Media

Black and Blue Media is a publicity firm specializing in adult entertainment of all types, founded in partnership between Sherry Ziegelmeyer and Jay Moyes. Black and Blue Media began offering publicity services to the adult industry in April, 2005.

Black and Blue Media proudly claims the most publicity campaign “firsts” of any firm that focuses on the adult entertainment industry. Among these is creating the first (and so far only) Alternate Reality Game (ARG), Kronos 480 BC in support of a hardcore adult feature video. Another is creating a campaign centered around an animated “spokestoon”, Midnite Sally featured in dozens of publicity components for Midnite Videos and had her own recurring animated news segment.

Black and Blue Media’s first publicity client was the production company ArchAngel, founded by Dru Berrymore and Jennifer James. ArchAngel produced one series, The Vampire Chronicles trilogy. ArchAngel would later morph into SLLAB, LLC and release the blockbuster psych-horror-porn title, Frank Castle’s  The New Neighbors .

Black and Blue Media’s past clients have included Midnight Videos, Platinum Blue Productions and Distribution, Ron Harris, Brookland Brothers and Cheezy Flicks, MikeyandMandy.com, Adult Voyeur, New York Rubber Ball and the Miss Rubber World Contest, Pleasure Dynasty, Sun Island Studios, Fetish Nation (nightclub) and the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival.

Black and Blue Media’s current clients include Chaturbate, Frog and the Trio, Michael Ninn, Production2Print,  Renaissance E Books, Sanctuary LAX Studios and Start My Porn Company.

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