About Jay


About Jay E. Moyes

An erotic artist at heart, Jay was recruited for AVN’s art dept in 1999 and worked at the magazine for six years. As production manager, Jay worked closely with publicists and marketing departments within the industry. He quickly became frustrated by how many of the existing porn publicists didn’t understand the need for graphics to promote their clients.

In 2005, Jay was recruited to work for the new adult production company SLLAB, as Adult Industry Consultant, Graphic Artist, Production Assistant, and Jack of all Trade. The position allowed him to get to know the inside of production, from a technical standpoint, as well as a chance to hone his experience related to how the post production and distribution process works. He also began to learn basic digital audio and video production, which has proven to be a tremendous benefit to Black and Blue Media’s clients. These are valuable skills for anyone that intends to provide publicity to the entertainment industry. It’s easy to say that you think you can help a company move product, but unless you truly understand everything that comes into play in that process, you’re simply blowing smoke.

An excellent press release writer, who has an artist’s eye for the original and unique, Jay joined Sherry as a full partner in Black and Blue Media in 2006. Along with his regular publicist duties, Jay acts as the in-house artist for Black and Blue Media and their clients. This has come in very handy for the unique promotion campaigns that Black and Blue Media has designed, such as the “Midnite Sally” spokestoon campaign for Midnite Videos, the Airgazmic “dossier” review kit for Platinum Blue Productions, dozens of assorted graphic puzzles and faux news stories for the ARG “Kronos 480BC” in support of Michael Ninn’s feature, The Four and the long running The New Neighbors promotion for Frank Castle and SLLAB.

Jay can also be found at:

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jaymoyes

Facebook: http://facebook.com/jay.e.moyes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/JayMoyes

Newgrounds: http://jaymoyes.newgrounds.com

Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/559835

and his personal art site, http://fetish-artist.com