Black and Blue Media Clients


Live cam shows are the new leader in adult entertainment and one of the most common features of cam shows is performers using sex toys during their shows. Toy shows used to be a “freebie”, used to get those viewing the video stream to stick around and watch a bit longer. Then came PleasureText . . . .

PleasureText introduced a way for all those cam performers to make money directly from their toy shows, with a complete package that not only allows the toys to be controlled remotely by a cammer’s fans, but also with a built in pay-per-minute billing system that is so easy to set up, your tech-phobic granny could do it!

Renaissance E-Books

One of the earliest digital publishing outlets, Renaissance E-Books has grown to include the imprints Eros Editions, Sizzler Books, Deerstalker Editions, Futures-Past Editions, and more.

 Start My Porn Company

When adult actress, Linda Roberts, decided it was high time for someone that actually has working experience in the adult entertainment industry to lend budding porn producers a “leg up”, the first thing she did was contact Black and Blue Media to handle the publicity on the new company. Start My Porn Company not only provides a great learning tool for those thinking about getting into porn production with the SMPC Porn Primer–SMPC also provides production and business management services that can help new producers create content, get distribution and learn how to market and publicize their product. Linda, Jay and I are proud to say that we have brought together more than 100 of adult’s award nominees and winners to help her clients build strong, successful adults brands through the Start My Porn Company ProNet.

Michael Ninn

Michael Ninn is rightly credited with single-handedly changing the entire adult industry, fostering a focus on music video inspired imagery and introducing the “blow job eyes” style of capturing sex on screen. A multiple award winning director, who directed and produced the top notch features Shock, Latex, Acid Dreams, In the Garden of Shadows, Catherine and the block buster Sacred Sin, which was scored by Eddie Van Halen. In many ways, Michael Ninn is a dream client, as he supports any and every creative idea that a publicist can come up with. For the mega-budget feature he was working on in 2008, he supported us in creating an interactive, alternate reality game to publicize and market the sword and sandal epic he released in 2012, The Four. Michael Ninn is a long term Black and Blue Media client, and part of our “porn family”, who will always have our services at his disposal.

A! Entertainment

Tony Batman approached us about handling his publicity back in 2006 when he was with KSEX Radio. This actually caused quite an upset, as radio hosts rarely have their own publicist and jokes began about his ego. However, the envy was soon deserved because his name went everywhere and he began upstaging his peers at the station, enjoying a huge “Q” factor. The relationship grew when Batman went over to Prime Time Uncensored, an internet TV station, where we worked out advertising and promotional trade agreements for his show and took on the challenges of production, engineering and advertising. It’s a good thing that Sherry has a background in radio production, and Jay has visual media training, because that all came into play while producing and coordinating traffic regarding commercials for Batman’s show. Tony later moved his A! Entertainment show back to KSEX. In early 2008, KSEX morphed into RudeTV, and Tony Batman hosted a variety of shows on the new station. Now, Batman is the head of the Planet Platypus Network, a full blown internet radio outlet. Through all the changes of his long and varied career, Black and Blue Media maintains both our working relationship, and our deep and abiding friendship, with Tony and we spread the word on his latest doings to keep his well earned celebrity alive.

Previous Clients

New York Rubber Ball Fetish is something that both Jay and Sherry understand very well, and the New York Rubber Ball, highlighted by the Miss Rubber World contest, has benefited greatly from Black and Blue Media’s renowned publicity and press relations services. It gets bigger every year and now draws fetish models and clothing designers from around the world who are competing for thousands of dollars worth of prizes!

Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival 2011 It was great to be able to launch the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival with a strong media presence. The Fetish and BDSM communities are territory that Black and Blue Media is very comfortable and connected in, and we had a great time seeing our friends during the three days of this inaugural event.

Hypnotic Dreams The mysterious Daniel A weaves erotic audio stories for women, using a subtle form of hypnosis to boost the fantasy. Staying in the shadows to protect his private life and his post-graduate master work as an engineer, Mr. A is a challenge to represent. However, his work, pun intended, speaks for itself. Mr. A appeared on Ask Ladybrain, Talking Sex Radio Network, and was booked for multiple appearances on Playboy Radio, among other interview and publication placements.

Pleasure Dynasty This company came on strong, with plans to launch a fully realized line of 3D adult content. For that reason alone, Black and Blue Media accepted the upstart as a client in 2010.

Tango Alpha Entertainment Tango Alpha Entertainment was set to launch a brilliant take on news, with a decidedly titular twist. It is difficult to find “new” ideas in adult entertainment, but the team at TA hit on a hot one.

Ron Harris Crowned by Playboy as “The King of Erotica” and by People magazine as “The Master of Softcore”, Ron Harris brought the world Aerobicise, the first sexually implicit video work out series. Mr. Harris has been a top-shelf fashion and erotic photographer for over 40 years. Mr. Harris brought Black and Blue Media in to publicize his sexy new contract girl Kara Duhe in September of 2008.

Adult Entertainment Capital and Brookland Brothers This adult production company and Investment Capital firm is best known as the people that brought the world Sarah Palin: Erection 2009.

Club Fetish Nation A few years ago we established a friendship with pinup kingpin, Brandt Stebbins of Sticker Chick and Intense Management. Stebbins was very impressed with our work for Platinum Blue Productions and we would stay in touch regarding promotions and ideas. In 2008, we got a call from him about a gig he was putting together with the folks at Club Hell. We sent out some press releases and he followed up with an offer that Jay couldn’t refuse: Intense Management, Kontrolled Chaos (Club Hell), and Circus Disco were putting together Club Fetish Nation, a huge monthly event that incorporated dance, music, kinky performances and stunning eye candy. Black and Blue Media handled press releases, wrangled photographers, co-ordinated the guest list, arranged give-aways and even provided original art for the monthly event.

Midnite Videos  The company debuted in August 2008, specializing in high-quality video feeds, and high-definition videos. They also created the innovative program, Midnite Dollars, which gave video distributors a real-time view of how many people were watching each title and how much money a title is making. Always first in innovations in adult publicity, Black and Blue Media created a cartoon spokesperson, Midnite Sally, who interacted with adult fans through social networks and blogs and gave news about upcoming titles at Midnite Videos. As an experiment, Jay began our first flash animation publicity and marketing project, “The Midnite Report”, a video news clip featuring Midnite Sally introducing Midnite Videos new distribution clients, along with adult industry news.

Bondage Ball and Sexopolis The producers of the Bondage Ball approached Black and Blue Media during Erotica LA in 2007 to discuss promoting their large scale adult events. More than just parties, these events are legendary, but the producers wanted to take the event publicity to another level. The relationship produced some great results, including the introduction of the West Coast Fetish Ball and Sexopolis to their yearly event schedule. These popular events attracted guests from both the adult and fetish sides of the industry, including Michael Gross, Fetish Diva Midori, Masuimi Max, Kumi Monster, Emily Marylin, Sunny Lane, Seymore Butts, Kurt Lockwood, and Matt Zane.

Joy Hollywood Joy Hollywood Wholesale is an excellent distributor in their own right, but in 2007, they raised the bar by creating their own line of high-quality phthlate free toys called Erotic Embrace. Made exclusively in Japan with the best medical grade Elastomer, plating, and electronics, Erotic Embrace has set a new standard of affordable, high quality sex toys.

Platinum Blue Productions One of our best client relationships, began while we were working with SLLAB. The company stopped production in November of 2007 however, Skye Blue still owns and runs Platinum Blue Productions and from time to time Black and Blue Media still handles press representation and publicity for Skye Blue.

SLLAB Despite the fact the company stopped production in late 2006, this was too much of an adventure not to list. We were recruited by an eccentric rock star to promote his new adult production company. Black and Blue Media was charged with keeping The Rock God’s name out of print, and his involvement in the company quiet. We will allow the mystery to continue here just for the fun of it. We succeeded admirably in keeping his name out of the adult press in association with SLLAB, simply because we have great relationships with our friends in the press. However, even that was only successful until he decided to put his name down as executive producer. . . for another company’s movie. At that point, it was silly to ask the press to not talk about his involvement in SLLAB. However, some people are still not convinced the two are connected.

SLLAB produced a great horror-porn, Frank Castle’s The New Neighbors. Between a combination of constant media presence on the set, a unique reviewer kit and a lot of old fashioned publicity work, ‘NN’ recieved a lot of attention in both the mainstream horror and adult press. The movie garnered eight AVN nominations and won “Best Feature – Critic’s Choice” in the Nightmoves Awards.

‘Frank Castle’s The New Neighbors’ was not the only movie SLLAB’s owner was involved in as an investor/producer. ‘NN’ was preceded by two other large scale productions planned for release after Castle’s film hit the streets. One was ArchAngel’s The Vampire Chronicles trilogy, also a project for which Black and Blue Media handled publicity. The Vampire Chronicles was produced by Dru Berrymore and directed by Jennifer James and Cass Paley. Another was Phantom of the Porn Set, directed by Jennifer James.

After the success of ‘NN’, SLLAB was asked by their distributor, New Beginnings, to produce four MILF genre movies and Frank Castle directed the four part Trophy Wives series to fulfill the request. Black and Blue Media provided publicity for all of these movies, unfortunately SLLAB closed its doors before the unreleased titles ever streeted.