Our Principles

We hold fast to these simple principles:

1. Appearances matter -Your company needs to have its best face forward to all the media outlets who will ultimately convince your potential consumers to buy your products. Every product will be sent out packaged to highlight your corporate identity and to appeal to the media. Every potential story placement will be accompanied by the information and the personal contact necessary for the media to give you the coverage that your company expects and deserves.

2. Credibility – It is important for your publicist to have credibility with the media as well as the consumer. Your publicist is also your public relations representative. Spin, buzz, and hype are fun things. But when the smoke clears, your publicist must have enough credibility that the press (and the consumer) knows they can be depended upon to provide factual information along with the hype. This is especially important if your company faces some type of crisis. In many cases, your company is standing on the credibility of your publicist, especially if you are a brand new company. Our extreme credibility is priceless to you in the long run.

3. Accountability – You need to know exactly what your publicity costs are purchasing for you. Black and Blue Media provides total accountability for every action we take on your company’s behalf. Along with each invoice you receive from Black and Blue Media, you will receive documented accounts of what we do each day, including each media source we have contacted on your company’s behalf. We also provide a report of each successful placement of your company’s message in the media.

4. Accessibility – You need to be able to contact your publicist with any concerns you may have at any time and be able to trust that your publicist will be there and actually listens to you. Black and Blue Media is here to work with you. We may know the media and the market, but you are the only one who knows your company’s needs and what you want from your publicist.